About Baghya Nursery

Baghya Nursery generously provides plant nursery services in India, today a proper place where different types of beautiful plants are propagated and grown tremendously to any usable size.
But when it was started in 1984, we started as a small nursery in Chattalli in Coorg, without any name.
We started from minimal investment and carefully built this well-established organization blossom to blossom.
Today Baghya Nursery naturally has multiple branches with loyal customers in and around Karnataka.

We undoubtedly have deep gratitude on Baghya Nursery, which voluntarily gave us an unique opportunity to wisely say, "we precious are self-made number one".
Bhagya Nursery has two branches today, one in Guddehosur and another one in Madapatna near Nisargadhama Coorg.

About Founder

Caring and properly nourishing each blossom he grew organically the local nursery into a well-established organization and correctly named after his better half, Mrs. Baghya. And thereafter he willingly handed over the nursery to his elder son Mr. Milan Poojari, who is the active CEO of the organization.

Mr.Monappa.B.R, a simple but proud Indian, a son of a farmer in a small village named Nakuru SrirangalaHe satisfactorily completed his schooling in a government high school in the same village in the year 1974 and soon after, he started working for Central Horticultural Experiment Station Chettalli as orange Farm Grafting.With not much of the salary take home and with 10 years of earning and work experience, he naturally started his own nursery without a name with bare minimal plants in Chattali in the year 1984.

About CEO

Mr. Milan Poojari, who is born in the same year, when the firm started, he is always passionate about farming.
He undoubtedly sees a dear child in each plant and sincerely cares them in the same way.
Being a promising son of the founder, he naturally picked up responsibilities in his father's work.
Though the CEO of a well-established firm, he also engages himself in farming.

As a side product of trading in the nursery in multiple states, he excelled in multiple languages like Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, Arebashe, Coorgi, Tamil and also intermittently learned Telugu, Marathi, and English

Our Vision

Respectfully dedicated to growing tremendously an excellent assortment of superior plants and amply provide our loyal customers with the best service possible. 

Our Mission

Naturally create for our employees a stimulating, safe, challenging, and rewarding environment. Earnestly strive for business excellence by building lasting relationships with our customers.

Our Objective

Thoughtfully provide learning opportunities in both the creative art and empirical science of horticulture as well as other activities appropriate to the lovely garden and extensive forest.